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  • What kind of trees should I plant in my Modiin garden? +

    Some trees thrive in the Modiin area, and some trees struggle when planted in the Modiin area. Furthermore, some trees that usually work well in Modiin might not do well in a particular garden due to factors like soil depth, sun, closeness to pipes or walls, wind and more. Before deciding which trees to plant in your Modiin garden, it is a good idea to consult with a professional. Green-Land has extensive knowledge about trees. Call Tovi at 054-634-1707 to learn which trees will work best in your garden.
  • What kind of ground covers, especially with saving water in mind, should I put in my Modiin garden? +

    The three basic kinds of ground covers are synthetic grass, wood chips and rocks. It is worth investing thought in which ground cover or covers are best for your garden because it is expensive to change ground covers in the future. Green-Land can recommend which ground cover, or combination of ground covers, would work best in your garden.
  • How can I reduce the amount of water my garden needs, thereby reducing my water bill? +

    Computerized irrigation systems are the best way to optimize your garden's use of water. GreenLand has extensive experience installing computerized irrigation systems in Modiin.
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