ServicesWhat We Can Do

Green-Lands' teams of experienced Israeli workers offers garden design, development, renovation and maintenance services at affordable prices. With the assistance of an agronomist and with a focus on water-saving techniques, Green-Land creates and maintains dream gardens.

Garden Design & Development

Green-Land designs and develops new gardens in an effort to provide its customers with years of enjoyment as well as increased property value. Professionally planned gardens can provide beauty, color, tranquility and privacy. With the services of two professional landscape architects, each with years of experience designing gardens in the Modiin area. Green-Land aims to realize the dream garden of each client. At the same time, Green-Land focuses on finding ways to minimize water usage, both for environmental reasons and to help customers maintain low water bills.

Garden Upgrade

There are always ways to make a garden prettier, healthier and more water efficient. Even professionally planned and planted gardens change over lime, and Green-Land can find ways to renovate gardens that have deteriorated. Green-Land can upgrade existing landscapes by adding, moving and/or changing plants, lighting, irrigation and more.

Garden Maintenance, Disease Control

Most landscape companies maintain gardens by mowing grass. Green-Land does more. Every time Tovi and his gardeners visit a garden, they actively look for ways to make the garden prettier, healthier and more water efficient. Maintenance services include fertilizing, spraying sick trees (organic spray is optional), treating infested grass and plants, weeding, pruning, plantings and more.

Computerized Irrigation Systems

Computerized irrigation systems are one of the most efficient ways to save water and maintain a healthy garden. There are a variety of computerized irrigation systems on the market. For instance, some systems work on the house's electricity and others work on battery packs. Given years of experience installing computerized irrigation systems. Green-Land is able to find the irrigation system that best fits each customer's needs and budget.

Lighting Systems

There are pros and cons to using low voltage (12-24v) and high voltage (220v) systems. The technical constraints in the design and installation of low voltage systems can present problems to the inexperienced. Green-Land has the know-how to properly address these technical considerations so the resulting low voltage system will perform to an acceptable standard. Given years of experience installing garden lighting systems, Green-Land is able to find the lighting system that best fits each customer's needs and budget.

Tree Cutting

Green-Land's tree culling services Include pruning, organic fertilizer, disease diagnosis, insect and mile treatment, restorative tree care, removal, green program choices and more!

Trees may need pruning for health and good structure, for aesthetic reasons, to keep them away from wires, fences and buildings, and to permit people to walk under them. Pruning should only be done with a specific purpose in mind. Every cut is a wound, and every leaf lost is removal of some photosynthetic potential. Proper pruning should always be done with the minimum amount of live tissue removed.

Trees might also require treatments to improve their chances for survival in response to damage from biotic or abiotic factors. Trees become infested with insect pests and diseases because they are in stress and sick. Timing and methods of pruning and treatments depend on the purpose of the work and the species of tree. Green-Land has the thorough knowledge needed to determine the best ways to care for your trees.